You influence “it”!

It’s the micro-choices in your life that influence everything in your environment. Each time we chose how we react we begin to influence what we attract and we attract what We Are! When you are stressed later)inevitability stress arrives) or you find yourself in a “place” where you feel your mental, physical and professional well-being could improve then analyze your thought process and what decision-making process led you there.

This dynamic leaves us in total control!

Author: The Change Management Company

Mr. Joel Nagelbush currently serves as the CEO of Fostering A Dynamic Impact LLC, a company that guides people to live a purpose driven life. Through his role as CEO, and hands on work with clients, Joel teaches others how to live with, embrace and manage change in both corporate and personal arenas. In addition to his role as CEO, Joel serves as a Wish Granter for the Make a Wish Foundation® and an Ambassador for the Life Alliance and Organ Recovery Agency (LAORA) where he raises awareness of the benefits of organ donation through public speaking, media events and community outreach. In 2016 he was awarded the Lois Kingsly Award for Service for his leadership in these areas. Joel specializes in teaching people how to identify and embrace change. With newly acquired behaviors and responses to change agents, people can adopt the internal and external factors that foster change and manifest purpose. Inside of Joel’s seminars and Life Coaching sessions, he provides organizations and private consumers the tools, resources, and abilities that are necessary to capitalize on the chaos of change, find the purpose in changes and also tools to cope with the disruptiveness that change can manifest. Joel holds a Master of Science degree with a Certificate in Strategic Human Resource Management from Capella University. Joel is also a Certified Life Coach and Motivational Speaker.

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