It was a special day for me, not just that I had the opportunity to speak at Western High School.  I am honored, truly honored for the opportunity to foster an impact like this and being asked back is the ultimate compliment, something I am incredibly grateful for.  In the pictures you can see me speak in the auditorium but in the Media room later in the afternoon is where one of the most Special Days that I have had, close to my Grandfather attending my first motivational seminar, was Justin attending this one!
Being able to present in front of him was a fantastic feeling and being able to share with people his age that, Look!    He is a Walking Miracle because of organ donation!  The University of Miami Life Alliance and Organ Procurement Agency (LAORA) hands out a flyer as part of the information packet and on it is the story of a Donor family and on the other side is a story of a recipient, Justin!
The Picture you see below is Justin realizing that the 150-200 people were reading about him.  Damm, these were cool moments!!!!
Being able to point at him while illustrating all of the things that had to happen for him to get a Liver is so huge that there simply can not be any accidents!!!!    The details of the experience will be on a FADI-Life Podcast over the weekend, in the meantime, remember to Stay Grateful

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